ACHC Fall intake volunteer applications now open

Deadline for application is August 28th @ 5pm.

Click here for the application. 

You must be available for the following dates to be considered for the position:

  • Tuesday, Sept. 1st OR Thursday, Sept. 3rd between 6 - 8:30pm for an interview

  • Saturday, Sept. 12th 10 a.m. - 2:00 p.m for Orientation

  • Sundays 12:45pm - 4pm for clinic (3-4 Sundays over the semester)

What is an intake volunteer?

Intake volunteers work at the clinic. They bring patients back into the exam rooms, take their vital signs, obtain a brief medical history, and then communicate the patient situation to ACHC physicians and nurses. 

What kind of skills will I learn?

Intake volunteers learn to take vital signs, obtain health histories, obtain accurate medicine lists, and deliver a patient snapshot to a practitioner in a concise manner. There are also opportunities to test blood sugar, urine, and help perform some procedures like ear washes. Aside from hands on skills, volunteers will learn what it is like to work with a variety of healthcare professionals from doctors to nurses to IT specialists. ACHC is a great place to get a well rounded view of how healthcare works in America. 

Who can be an intake volunteer?

We accept those who are already professionals working in the community (nurses, medical assistance, CNAs, EMTs) and students who are in the health professions (medicine, nursing, community health, etc). We also encourage foreign medical graduates to apply.

How long is the commitment? 

Intake volunteers are scheduled to work 3-4 times over a semester. Sunday clinic is from 1-4pm. You will make your schedule on the day of orientation so you will be able to plan ahead regarding what days you will be volunteering. Missing clinic days for any reason other than an emergency is highly discouraged. Volunteers are encouraged to work within the intake team to switch volunteer dates ahead of time if need be. In addition to 3 clinic days, we also ask that you volunteer for at least 1 outreach event.  These events include health fairs, flyering around town, soup kitchen outreach, etc.  They happen at a variety of times and days of the week.

How do I apply?

Click this link and follow the directions listed on the webpage you are taken to. 

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Need some inspiration? Watch this video about being an intake volunteer: