Local Boy Scout Troop recognized for service at Avicenna

Earlier this spring I put an article in a newsletter that went to boy scout troops in Champaign Urbana asking for volunteers to deliver flyers for Avicenna.  It wasn’t long before I heard from Mr. Derek Gatewood, the Scoutmaster for troop 104.  The troop wanted to do the project!  On June 14th and July 19th the scouts distributed 350 flyers in the Scott Woods & Green Acres communities.  The scouts were Devon Miller, Josiah Ettelt, Yabetsega Demisie, Jason Fox, Ryan Fox, Debra Fox, Kalie Miller, Susan Miller, Bonnie Whiteside, Levi Gatewood,Derek Gatewood, Nathan Wright, Daniel Wright, & Steve Henry.

I went to the scout’s meeting on September the 6th at St. Matthew Lutheran Church where they were holding a Court of Honor.  This is when the boys are presented with badges and other awards they have earned.  I spoke briefly to the scouts and their parents assuring them that someone had received the medical care they needed because of their efforts.   I  then presented each of the participating scouts with a certificate of recognition for their efforts.  The certificate read “In recognition of your dedication to worthy causes and your willingness to share your time and resources with Avicenna Community Health Center and your community.

Geri Wirth
ACHC Executive Director