Medhealth2go telehealth portal

My name is Bara Saadah and I am the Organization, Management, & Strategic Initiatives Intern for Avicenna. I am pleased to announce that thanks to the help of Geri Wirth, Executive Director, and Dr. Irfan, President, we have managed to obtain a telehealth portal for the clinic for free! The Avicenna Medhealth2go telehealth portal is ready for official use for the clinic. The MedHealth2Go telehealth portal provides an easy, secure, and HIPAA-approved method for a patient to videoconference their doctor or health professional from within a web browser on a PC, Laptop or Mac. 

For Avicenna's use, this will allow providers who are not able to make it to the clinic on their respective days to meet with patients at the clinic online through the telehealth portal. This will also allow for an extra provider to videoconference the clinic and see patients on days that the clinic is backed up. The telehealth portal was from MedHealth2Go and the URL for the Avicenna telehealth portal is:

The clinic was given two provider accounts and two patient accounts for the clinic's use. If we need more, we can request them. As of now, I have completed the training and am ready to train other providers after they are comfortable with the Athena EMR (so as not to overwhelm them with too many new things).