Avicenna Service Award

The Avicenna Board of Directors in 2012 established the Avicenna Healthcare Distinguished Service Award to recognize individuals and institutions, who foster meaningful and outcome-based collaboration and work diligently to address healthcare/social disparities in Champaign County. Avicenna Healthcare Service Award is an extension of Avicenna’s conceptual framework which was proposed at its inception in 2009-10; for the promotion of collaboration across free clinics, public healthcare service providers, large area clinics, and other stakeholders including the University of Illinois, and community organizations, and faith-based organizations. The award recipient is presented a plaque, and is generally recognized at Avicenna Annual Benefit Dinner, and is highlighted on Avicenna’s Website.

Previous Recipients

  • Jeff Trask, Founder and President of Champaign County Christian Health Center (CCCHC); 2013
  • Claudia Lennhoff, Executive Director, Champaign County Health Care Consumers (CCHCC); 2014
  • Ellen McDowelll, Founder and President of Daily Bread Soup Kitchen (DBSK); 2015