Prescription Assistance Program

Carolyn Wainer, Avicenna PAP Director, current BSN student

Carolyn Wainer is the Director of the Pharmacy team at Avicenna Community Health Center. Carolyn is a second year nursing student at University of Illinois at Chicago and has a passion for educating patients and delivering care in community health settings. Carolyn's role is to obtain and prepare prescription medications,  provide patient education for those receiving medication and participate in community Avicenna programs.   

Why Avicenna? Since a young age, Carolyn has had a passion in serving the underpriviledged. From volunteering at public health fairs, to working in Chicago helping to coordinate healthcare for underinsured pediatric clients, Carolyn brings her passion and motivation to all areas of her work. Carolyn is excited to be working with the Prescription Assistance Program at Avicenna and looks forward to all of the learning experiences and opportunities to come.