Prescription Assistance Program


We are looking for volunteers to join our pharmacy team! Our pharmacy team is dedicated to increasing access to healthcare by providing medications at low or no cost to our uninsured and underinsured patients!

If you are interested, please email:

Tracy  Nguyen, Avicenna PAP Director, current BSN student


Tracy is currently a nursing student at University of Illinois at Chicago at the Urbana campus with a passion for public health in the community setting and increasing accessibility to care. Tracy's role is to manage the clinic pharmacy supply, delegate unit roles, and participate in Avicenna programs. 

Why Avicenna? Tracy believes that health care is a human right that should be provided to all, where access to quality health care should be universal without discrimination to health status, economic status, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or disability. The right to health should never be denied. 

Being a prospective nurse exposes Tracy to the gaps that exist in the health care system and the adversity that exists in obtaining care in many populations. Tracy believes that through programs such as Avicenna that provides services and medications to patients in the community setting, there will be an increase in equitable health care and protection of human rights.