Former Managers

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Janki Thakkar, BS '16 in MCB, Operations Manager 2015-2016

I began volunteering at Avicenna in 2013 as an Operations volunteer and then an Assistant Operations Manager and will continue to volunteer until I graduate in the spring. I am currently completing my Bachelors of Arts and Sciences at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Molecular and Cellular Biology with Minors in both Chemistry and Philosophy.
In the future, I hope to pursue a career in medicine and one day give back to the community in the way our providers do at Avicenna.

Volunteering at Avicenna has been one of the most rewarding aspects of my Undergraduate career. As an aspiring professional, Avicenna has not only helped me strengthen my communication, organization, and analytical skills, but I have also been able to interact with a vast number of passionate health care professionals and students who are dedicated to making a lasting impact on the community. 

Lina Al-Chaar, DMD Candidate, Operations Manager 2013-2015


My journey at Avicenna began in 2012, when I was a freshman at UIUC majoring in Molecular and Cellular Biology. I spent about 3 years volunteering and working with Avicenna and my experience was truly amazing. At Avicenna, I have not only learned managerial skills, the importance of a strong work ethics, and public relations skills, but I have learned more about the sanctity of the doctor patient experience, the triumphant feeling after a group of dedicated and diverse individuals solve a complex problem, and the wonders that unique individuals can accomplish when working towards the same goal. I have had the pleasure of interacting with patients, nurses, physicians, nutritionists, pharmacists, and all types of students. All of which have taught me more about what it means to be a dedicated and driven individual. 

Avicenna is not just a patient care facility, but a community that is culturally competent and that cares about respecting and treating diversity with respect. It has given me the opportunity to prepare myself for the next chapter in my life. I am now a dental student at the University of Illinois in Chicago (Class of 2019). In the future, I hope to give back to the community in the same Avicenna does.

Alexander Grohman, MD Candidate, Operations Manager 2012-2014

Former Asst. Managers

Naima Choudhury
Yasmeen Nadhimi
Janki Thakkar
Yasmeen Nadhimi

Former Volunteers

Aanchal Bhojwani
Afroze Rahman
Ahmad Atallah
Al-Qasem Al-Saqri
Aliaa Taha
Aliya Ahsan
Amir Zamri
Andrea Huerta
Anna Jinnah
Anwar Azeem
Ashima Batra
Ashwin Nayak
Bara Saadah
Bela Shah
Belema Obomanu
Bilal Khan
Brent Cross
Cameron Baldes
Carolyn Draus
Christopher Pillay
Connor Riggs
Daniel Gonzalez
Daniel Li
Dexin Liang
Dhruv Kumar
Farhan Shahab
Haya Shareef
Henna Ismail
Irma Raouf
Janki Thakkar
Jasmine Nadhimi
Javier Lopez
Jenny Tumba
Jessica Pesavento
John Yixin Xu
Jose Torio
Kaitlyn Kestel
Kayla Moore
Kelsey Adler
Kevin Patel
Kevin Wu
Krishna Patel
Kristen Zwicky
Kyle Hadden
Lauren Gabra
Lina Al-Chaar
Liyu lei
Louay Jajeh
Maha Anwar
Mariam Saadah
Maryam Beintema
Matt McGath
Megan Maloney
Mohammad Kotob
Mounika Paravastu
Mutaz Amine
Nadia Hatoum
Naima Choudhury
Naima Choundhury
Nazia Choudhury
Neil Meir
Neil Mier
Patricia Bonaguro
Ricky Patel
Sanaa Husain
Sandra Folarin
Sarah Imran
Sharon Singh
Shehan Mulvihill
Sivali Boddu
Sonali Khurana
Sonam Tantuwaya
Sonam TantuwayaAliaa Taha
Sonya Dave
Stephen Tse
SuHak Lee
Sway Wu
Syed Shah
Taylor DeSanto
Tina Mireku
Vijay Subramaniam
Vivek Dave
Yaqoota Aziz
Yarah Kudaimi
Yaroslav Daniel Bodnar
Yaveeshay Chambers
Zahra Siddiqui