Who can be seen at Avicenna?

Any adult (18+) without health insurance (uninsured) and when available those without health access (underinsured).

When is Avicenna open?

Most Sundays from 1-4pm.

Click here to see the full schedule of closed days. 

 To schedule an appointment, call 217-418-5888

If no one picks up, leave a message and Avicenna will call you back. Avicenna also accepts walk-in appointments during open hours (most Sundays 1-4pm).

Where is Avicenna?

819 Bloomington Road, Champaign IL, 61820

Avicenna is located at the corner of Bloomington Road and Prospect Avenue, south of the Walgreens and Arby's. Avicenna shares clinical facilities with Frances Nelson (Promise Healthcare).  Call 217-418-5888 for questions.

Sunday MTD Lines from the Terminal: 30N Lavender &  70W Grey


What paperwork do I need?


How much does it cost?


I need help. Who should I contact?

Contact our Case Managers

Email: CaseManager@Avicennahealth.org

Or call: 217-417-5818

What can Avicenna do?

Avicenna health care providers and preventative health care team manage conditions like...

  • Physical exams

  • Diabetes (high blood sugar)

  • High cholesterol

  • Hypertension (high blood pressure)

  • Thyroid issues

  • Coughs and colds

  • Skin issues

  • Diet and exercise counseling (lifestyle management)

  • Social Work services

  • Prescription assistance services

  • and more

Avicenna does not provide emergency care, dental services, mental health, cancer, HIV, STD testing, children's health, or immunizations.

If Avicenna cannot provide you with what you need Avicenna will help you find where you can go.

What is required of patients?

Avicenna expects patients to do their best to arrive on time to your scheduled appointment and to call and cancel your appointment as soon as you realize you cannot make it. If you do not have an appointment scheduled, Avicenna does take walk-ins as time permits. Avicenna also requires that you treat other patients and staff with dignity and respect.