2016-17 Intake team assembled!

Emily and Amogh carefully interviewed and selected 8 new volunteers for the Intake team The team met on Saturday, September 10th in the Francis Nelson building at 9 am for orientation.  Amogh presented an introductory slide show then an orientation to the new EMR program, Athena. It is difficult to present something so new and untried yet but Amogh did a great job.

After the introduction and computer training they took a tour of the facility. Then the group broke up and everyone attended, in turn, 3 stations for skills testing designed by Emily. The volunteers were checked off on Point of Care tests and Vital signs. Great  job, Emily!  Everyone felt confident and ready to start. We visited and got to know one another as the new volunteers filled the calendar with their names on the volunteer days they wanted. Every clinic day was filled from now until Christmas. We are excited and looking forward to the next few months.