Local researcher asking: How can we create culturally competent workplaces for Muslim healthcare providers?

Dr. Amanda Hopkins, PhD, RN is an Urbana native, current Champaign resident who has worked in healthcare as a registered nurse, clinical instructor, associate professor and researcher. She currently is an Associate Professor at Illinois Wesleyan University where is is hoping to uncover some cultural data regarding Muslims in healthcare. 

Some highlights of the proposed research:

Significance: From our findings we will provide insight into how to develop interventions toward ensuring healthcare workplace policies and procedures are inclusive and respectful of Muslim populations. 

Goals:  (1) to understand how healthcare leaders perceive their Muslim peers and (2) use this knowledge to develop culturally inclusive environments in the workplace with the overall goal of increasing cultural awareness to better recruit and retain diverse populations within healthcare professions.

Needed funding: $4,000

Funding Deadline: March 25th, 2016

Please visit the GoFundMe page, read more about the project, and consider backing this very important research.