Email of appreciation from UIUC Director of Health Education

This email was sent to Avicenna after a visit from our Executive Director Geri Wirth, NP:

Dear Ms. Wirth: Thanks for joining us yesterday at our committee meeting – your presentation was brilliantly delivered. We enjoyed the details, the data shared and the accomplishments by your organization despite the challenging economic situation in the state. Your organization is positively contributing to the general health/social aspects of life within and outside the campus – keep up the good work.


Again, we were honored to have you present to our committee members – have a wonderful week!


Jerry Ogbudimkpa, Ph.D.
Director of Health Education

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
McKinley Health Center
Health Education Department

1109 S. Lincoln Avenue
Urbana,  IL61801,  USA


Phone: 217-333-2714
Fax:  217-244-1758